Thursday, July 26, 2012

I am overworked and under paid

Freelance writers are seriously overworked and under paid, that is something everyone in the business can agree to.  Do you know what is worse? It’s when the freelance writer is trying to support a family and pay the bills on those wages.

It has gotten so bad, that as a single mom I have been looking for a job in the real world since early 2012. Without a car, even in this small town it is hard to get a job within walking distance. I am willing to walk a mile or two each day to make the money but there is nothing.  It seems silly for these places to insist you have a car, when it’s within walking distance.

Walking is healthier for you and its way better for our environment BUT business owners just do not seem to car.  Anyways that is not the point of this post.

The point of this is to show you the types of things a freelance writer does on a daily basis  in order to bring in that income.  Granted, every writer does not do what I do, but I know I work hard for the peanuts I get.

I begin my day about 6 am, writing for a content farm or some other website that tries to sell my articles for more than I would get at a content farm.  For the biggest content farm on the internet I could write 10-15 articles a day which would take hours. Sad part is the articles are 3 to 4 a piece and take ½ an hour or so to write up. Imagine working all day for 30 to 45 dollars for 10-12 hours a work but many of us do it because we need to put food on the table and keep a roof over our heads.

I also spend some time writing on different sites where I hope to snag a private client, that will pay me 20 bucks for 500 words, but those clients are so hard to find. 

I also write blogs which make money. Sometimes I have a private client ask me to advertise for them on one of my blogs but it does not happen nearly enough.  Of course, I have ads running on the blogs which may bring in some money but its a few pennies far and few between.

Then after I have earned my pennies on the web, there is housework or yard work depending on the day and season.  I keep reminding myself I am only one person, and not everything is going to be done in any given day.

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