Thursday, June 21, 2012

Good reads at .99 USD!

In celebration of good old summer time, I have lowered the prices of some of my eBooks on Amazon!  There truly is something for everyone!

FICTION If you are in the mood for some short stories I have a collection of six short stories! In these six you’ll read stories in which Karma plays a big role. There is a nasty know it all man who lets his snake handle his dirty work,  a single mom who has the world by the balls until she becomes a victim in a deal with the devil, while another woman gets away with murder! What really happens in a nursing home when dementia patients are mixed in among the healthy and frail patients, Elmer deceives everyone? 

Fiction  The Devi’s Playground is a collection of short stories which all center around murder, deception, and of course lies. There is the crazy teacher at a private school who spikes the brownies and two innocent young girls are in the mercy of a sadistic big sister and her friends. 

Shiner’s diner has the best sandwiches but what happens when the  guys who lay the big pipes for the natural gas begin to disappear?   Chloe and her 2 best friends found a way to get rid of the men in their lives long ago. On her death bed as an old woman one tells how they got away with murder for over fifty years.

Fiction  Cheaters never prosper is a collection of short stories of three women who were cheated on by lovers. They all get revenge in unique ways, but only one pays the ultimate price. 

Kindle Single Story Fiction  A short story about the  revenge of a  nurse with an axe to grind with an ex boyfriend. 

Kindle Single Story Fiction
Paisley is a portal jumping white witch who lives in two realms. It’s fantasy with a bit of romance tossed in. 

GAMES Bingo Blitz is a fun game on Facebook. This eBook gives some hints and tips to new players.

True Story For the fellow heart patients out there, I offer my 3x heart Attack Survivor eBook. I describe what happened to me and how I made the changes within my life so I cold be here for my kids and grandkids.

Medical When your BBF gets a diagnosis of Inflammatory Breast Cancer, you need to educate yourself about the illness so you can help her remain positive. 

~~Goals do not happen as life does. You must work hard to make goals a reality!~~

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Top 3 ways blogging beats content writing

Blogging beats writing content for editors who are slow to offer upfronts.  It is also more profitable and fun. When we content writers write articles, we sometimes stifle ourselves to appease the editors in hopes that they will give us a higher payment.  When you blog for yourself you have more fun. You search for the best key words and phrases and let the words flow from the fingertips.

Another way blogging beats writing content is you can schedule blog posts. With that content crap, you have to write every day to keep your portfolio updated.  If you are trying to engage a private client, sending them to a niche blog is way better then setting them to a scattered content writing portfolio.

Another way blogging beats content writing is the profits are only shared two ways instead of three.  Content writing at a content mill means you are sharing profits with Goggle, the site and then you get your tiny cut. I have seen click through rates of some of these key words and phrases trust me with 42 views and 1 click through at the rate of .25 cents sure beats that  1 or 2 cents you’d make at a content site. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bloomberg says Ban SODA, I say Ban added Salt

Michael Bloomberg who is the Mayor of New York City recently announced a ban of soft drinks in cups larger than a sixteen-ounce cup. He believes the citizens of New York City consume too much sugar. People across the nation are voicing their opinion and here is my opinion.

I am a woman who is over the age of forty who enjoys soft drinks as much as the next person does. I have been known to walk into a fast food restaurant or convenience store and purchase the largest drink. As long as I can afford it, no one should tell me that I should not purchase it. If I was purchasing the soda with money given to me by the government then yes, I can see limiting this purchase. However, when I pay for the soda with money that I earned, no one should tell me that I should not purchase this soda.

If I needed to limit my sugar for health reasons that is one thing, but I am not a diabetic and I am not morbidly obese. If I was a diabetic, who purchased these sugar-laden drinks and it increased my need for insulin, which is paid for by government money that is a different story. However, diabetics should be alert enough to limit their sugar on their own. If they do not well that is their own problem, as they will suffer the health consequences. If those diabetics are consuming excess sugar, and are living on welfare, need more insulin to keep their health in check, limit their soda by removing it from the items, which are approved for purchase with a welfare card. Those of us who do not make the laws can understand that no brainer.

As a heart patient who does watch my sodium intake, I would love to see a ban put on the added salt restaurants add to food they serve. I do not eat at many places outside of my house because the foods prepared in restaurants and food that is made at convenience stores is salted before they are served or when they are prepared.

Too much sodium pushes up blood pressure, and can cause a heart attack. This is what should be limited for the good of everyone, and not the soda! Heart attacks kill more people in any given year then consuming sugar does for the average person. Too much sugar does harm diabetics but for the rest of the population excess sugar makes them susceptible to other illnesses if they are predisposed to those diseases including obesity and diabetes.

The Center of Disease Control and Prevention lists heart disease as the leading cause of death in the nation, while diabetes is the seventh leading cause. Almost 600,000 people die each year from heart disease while 68,000 die in that same year from diabetes. Those facts should speak loud and clear to any rational person. These statistics can be viewed on the CDC website

Mayor Bloomberg I encourage you to read those statistics yourself when you make proposals that effect the citizens in your city. If you were simply trying to create a media stir, then you have done that. I am sure there are more pressing matters you can fix within your city, than sugar consumption.

~~Goals do not happen as life does. You must work hard to make goals a reality!~~