Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New eBooks Paranormal Romance series Paisley is published

 In the summer of 2008 I wrote a short story for a contest. That short story gave birth to my favorite character, a white witch named Paisley. Since that time, on and off between writing content, a part time job and living life I have been writing her life stories  as I found a few spare hours. 


I decided long ago to make these a series. Much like Amanda Hocking did with her books.  Jennifer Malone Wright who I have known for a few years also made her Vampire Hunter’s Daughter story into a series.  


Like their series, mine is paranormal as well.  How could a portal jumping white witch story not be paranormal?  Once Paisley meets Joe, it turns into a romance of sorts. She loves him and without a doubt he loves her.  Will they ever get together in that special way that lovers do? Your guess is as good as mine. Like you I am simply watching their tale unfold.


The Gift is the first part of the series. Paisley and Joe are two old friends, who love each other deeply and have for decades. Her royal heritage forbids her from acting out any form of love with a mortal man. Readers will see she often breaks the rules when it suits her, because her heart leads her astray. In this edition of the paranormal romance series, they have a gift exchange straight from the heart.  


Purple Flames is the second adventure.  This story is based on the one that was submitted to that contest, so you might say this started it all. Paisley noticed Joe is not his usual self, what is she to do? Her herbs and poultices can only do so much to help. She spends time some time with a client named Sarah, while contemplating Joe’s condition. When she realizes the extent of his condition she makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to cure him.


A Paisley Christmas is the third adventure in the series. This one is based on the one I wrote for the Dark Christmas book the Circle 8 Writers group published, but I revised it.  Its Christmas time and Paisley is headed home for the Yule festival. Her special friend awaits her, and truthfully she is more excited about seeing him than she is her family. She is nervous that Joe might be mad at her for saving his life.  Come and celebrate Yule in the Eternals with Princess Paisley and her family.


The first book is free, so please go over and download it (link is up there) and leave a review. Have a great day.

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