Saturday, March 2, 2013

Brain Drain and How I plan to avoid it.

Writing is hard work. That is for sure. Aside from the grammar, there are other things, which make writing hard for some of us. Paid content does not mix to well with the creative stuff. There is a better way to accomplish this stuff and I am anxious to figure it out here.

When I am writing paid content along with a mix of creative writing, most of the time the creative stuff is harder because my brain turns to mush. There is nothing like brain drain to zap the motivation out of you. I have come up with a new plan here and I am hoping it will work.

First, let me share my old way with you. I would do the paid stuff in the morning or after a nap while my brain was still fresh. However, after a few hours the brain drain set in and left me wanting to nap a few hours. After I got the paid work done, I would do the housework and then dive into the creative stuff. It failed, as I was not giving myself any real mental breaks to relax during working hours. Soon, games replaced the day and that certainly was not good.

Therefore, the new plan is something like this. Write one sponsored blog post of 300 or so words, and check out Facebook groups. Then I will write two blog posts for another article and then play a game on Facebook. I think the two-fer deal is working well this morning and I just might stick with it. I know I need to write at least 6 articles, and I am well on my way here. 

In the afternoon with a lunch break away from my desk I will come back and hopefully have some one on one time with my muse for the series I am writing.