Thursday, April 26, 2012

Content Farms Headed Out

Sometimes I am glad Google let loose with the Panda updates. It hurt my business a bunch.  What business is that you ask? Well I am one of those former content writers for a whole bunch of web sites.  When the panda updates hit I seen, my income drop a bit but as the updates continued I seen my income dropping further and further.  On one web site where I have written since 2007, I seen the biggest drop and it’s caused me to stop writing on that site.

Last February I got 200 dollars for page views, I rounded out the year with 30.07.  That is a drop of almost 170 bucks amonth. Not only did Panda hurt but also the web site ran every article on one page, where before if they were long enough they were two or three pages long. They pretty much cut out any upfront payments unless you go a beat.

All of the content sites are facing similar fates.  All of them are drying up which is hurting the former content writers, myself included.  Some of us have found private clients to write for, or having taken a job in the real world. More than fair share of us have begun to write eBooks and publish that novel we have been writing. 

I am a former content writer for those so called content farms.  I will stick with my blogs and fiction writing for now and pray for the best. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Writing content for one of the sites, which pay upfronts or give page views, may seem like a great idea at first.  Trust me it may appear like a good plan on first thought but as many content writers have learned, content sites dry up quicker than you will believe and there goes a stream of income.  

I have written for Associated Content long before it was Yahoo Voices or the Yahoo contributor network,  been writing for pennies on Helium, Mahalo, eHow, Demand Studios, and Bukisa.   I used to make good money on all of them, until Panda hit.

The bottom line is if you are writing content for any of the content mills, your income is suffering. You are lining the pockets of the sites and those who run it. On the most profitable site, I make $2 bucks per every 1,000 views.  Sometimes I made $300 or $400 there a month, before changes came about.  Now that site is down to about 30 bucks a month.  I am struggling these days to make decent money. In my struggles, I have learned one thing.

If you have adsence you could be writing blogs and making more money than you do at those on those writing content sites. As long as your blogs are focused, you could see big profits.   I suggest opening a blog in your niche, use Google adwords to learn the best keywords. Begin writing these posts.

You will still be writing content but instead of the pay being split between the site, google and yourself, the profits will go to you and Google. Splitting profits two ways is always moirĂ© profitable for you.  Now imagine if you had five or more profitable goals running. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Becoming a blogging success

Becoming a blogging success is much easier than you might think. If you have been in the content writing game for more years then you will admit then you have found your niche. Take your niche and turn it into a profit stream. 

If you have a few niches, this will work well, I Know because I am doing it.   Here is how to successfully run seven or more blogs in your niches.

Get your blogs set up on  Click on the earnings tab, set them up one at a time, and add it to your adsence.  Then copy the url of the blog into your adsence information area.

The begin writing on your blogs. For this one here, which is focused on content writing, I will create a document of 2,000 words.  Each 200 words or so will be a small section focused on a subject.  I will turn it into ten blog posts of 200 words.  I just look on adwords for the right key words or phrases and take off.

Once your little blog posts are written, paste them in one at a time into the blogger interface. Schedule them to appearance once a week. This on updates on Mondays, so I schedule the other nine posts for successive Mondays.  Blogger will then publish them on the chosen date and to everyone it appears as if your blog is getting new information on a weekly basis.  That is successful blogging my friends and is more cash in your pocket.

Set up each blog to update on a different day of the week, and with 10 posts on each blog you will be set for 2 months. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pre-writing Your Blog Posts

Prewriting your blog posts for weeks in advance has many benefits, and the most oblivious one is updated blogs on a regular basis. Blogging is fun and rewarding but it also has to make some money for the owner or it is not worthy of your time. It also needs to help those who need it, so make sure you figure out what people need help with and write your post around it.

I run more than seven different blogs and I write multiple posts for each blog one day. I then schedule a different one to be published each week. Prewriting these blog posts makes me appear to have lots of writing time, which I do not have. In one day I can create up to ten blog posts that will be published over two months time.  If I spend one-week prewriting, these blog posts I can have enough so that I do not have to write for two months on each blog. 

Many successful bloggers do this exact same thing, you write one day and schedule the posts for weekly publishing. They are making a large profit at it, and I want some of that money. As I have learned, I will teach you how to do it.   Prewritting blogs is time saving and profit building.